Self Service Laundromat Hints & Tips


If you’re a first time laundromat user – or a Laundered regular here are some quick tips on using Laundered Laundromats on the Sunshine Coast and Northern Gold Coast:

Read laundry care labels to determine how to best clean fabrics
Sort your colours and wash with temperatures:

Cold: Use for items that might shrink or bleed dye, including delicate, dark and bright coloured items

Warm: Use for man made fibres, knits, jeans, sheets, towels, and other linens

Hot: Use to sanitise clothing for people with sensitive skin as well as baby clothes, cloth diapers, linens and athletic wear. Hot is also best for stain removal. However, keep in mind that hot setting could shrink, damage or fade some fabrics

  • Check pockets and watch out for pens, crayons, lighters, gum and sharp objects that could possible damage your items. Don’t forget to check the machines too!
  • Try not to overload the machine with your items. Make sure you select a machine size that has enough room so that your items freely move about.
  • Measure laundry powder and detergent. We all have a habit of using too much detergent. Too much soap can leave residue behind and can cause your clothes to look dull and feel stiff.
  • Keep and eye out. When using a self service laundromat, it’s your responsibility to ensure your belongings aren’t taken by others. We provide all care, but no responsibility for your items.
  • Our Laundered Ormeau Laundromat has a pet laundry washer. Pet laundry is permitted in that machine only for health reasons. Please clean the machine down after use and remember, shake down your pet laundry outside, before bringing it into our fresh and clean facility.