Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Laundry Services

Laundered is one of the Sunshine Coast’s leading laundry services. With multiple locations covering the coast, Laundered has your laundry done! Professional, prompt and experienced, Laundered is your one-stop-shop for all wash, dry, fold and iron needs. Competitive pricing is just the beginning. Our facilities are modern, well equipped and squeaky clean.

Sunshine Coast Laundromats

Our Sunshine Coast Laundromats are equipped with state of the art commercial washing machines. These machines are intelligent and automatic. No need for you to bring or buy washing powder – our machines will automatically dispense the perfect amount of washing liquid into your load and its completely free! Once your load has been thoroughly washed in our high-grade machines, we have affordable dryers available to get your washing done as quickly as possible. Our dryers are heated using gas, which accelerates the drying process but does not compromise your clothing.

Wash Dry Fold

If you are looking for a complete wash dry fold solution, Laundered is competitively priced and can arrange pickup and drop-off at a time that is convenient for you.

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